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Dye Intermediates

We are providing the range of Dye Intermediates which are utilized in the production of dyestuff. These intermediates are used in a variety of industries, including paints, printing inks, textiles, plastics, and paper. They are used to color the original raw material and thus the finished product. Our provided Dye Intermediates are available in huge varieties such as 2 Amino Phenol 4,2 Carboxy Sulphanilide, 2,2 ,5,5 Tetra Chloro Benzidine, 1 Diazo 2 Naphthol 4 Sulfonic Acid, and much more. They are further processed to become final dyes and pigments. These intermediates are very effective as well as economical and safe to use. They are very much liked by our clients, in the market.
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