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Acid Dyes
Acid Dyes are used to color fabrics, paper, leather, and other materials such that the color is not easily affected by washing, heat, light, or other variables. These dyes are applied to these fibers after they have been dyed in an acidic or neutral dye bath.
Direct Dyes
Direct Dyes are commonly used in the paper sector. They are also used for protein fibres such as silk and wool. They can be directly applied to cotton or other cellulosic materials including rayon, silk, and wool. They are very cost effective and safe to use.
Basic Dyes
Basic Dyes will react with material that is negatively charged. These dyes are typically synthetic, acting as a base and containing aniline dyes. In some circumstances, these are non-toxic colors as well. They are typically added to the dye bath to aid in dye uptake onto the fibre.
Reactives M/E , H/E Series Dyes
Reactive M/E, H/E Series Dyes produce a covalent link between the dye molecule and the fibre molecule. These dyes are considerably less likely to be removed by washing than dyestuffs that adhere through adsorption. They are very cost effective and great to use.
Reactive Remazol Dyes
Reactive Remazol Dyes chemically react with the hydroxyl group of cellulose to generate solid, covalent bonds. These dyes have been developed, although they are not yet commercially viable. These dyes are preferred for their unique features like useful application, exceptional purity, and long storage life.
Pigment Dyes
Pigment Dyes have low fading resistance when exposed to light. Paints, inks, plastics, fabrics, cosmetics, and food all include pigments. These dyes are very effective as well as economical and safe to use. These dyes rest on top of your finished garment rather as being embedded in it.
Pigment Inorganic Dyes
Pigment Inorganic Dyes are typically more opaque and insoluble than organic colors due to their chemistry. Our dyes are the most often utilized in industry, owing to their lightfastness and low cost. They are also more resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight and heat. They are very cost effective in nature.
Solvent Dyes
Solvents Dyes are insoluble in water. These dyes condenses into a colloidal solution. They do not become ionized. They range in light fastness from poor to good. These dyes are nonpolar or only slightly polar. Our dyes are very easy to use and simple to handle.
Salt Free Dyes For Ink
Salt Free Dyes for Ink improves color solubility and fastness. These dyes come in a variety of colors and purposes. Our dyes are very effective and economical to use. These salt free dyes are tested under various parameters to ensure their high quality and effectiveness. Besides, they are safe to use.
Reactive Dyes (Hot And Cold Brand)
Reactive Dyes (Hot and Cold Brand) have a decreased reactivity to cotton. As a result, dyeing can be done at lower temperatures, ranging from 320 to 600 degrees Celsius. These dyes are mostly used to color cellulose fibres such as cotton and viscose. They are very effective and safe to use.
Reactive Dyes (He And Me Cold Brand)
Reactive Dyes (He and Me Cold Brand) offered, are anionic. These dyes are easily dissolves in water. They are more substantial. These are ideally suited for all cellulose materials through various dyeing and printing procedures. Besides, they have excellent levelling capabilities and improved dyeing repeatability. They are very cost effective in nature.
Reactive Vinyl
Reactive Vinyl are commonly used in exhaust dyeing, cold pad batch processes, and automated batch dyeing machinery. These are also utilized for one-phase or two-phase printing applications. The discharge and resist printing methods produce an excellent white look on dyed grounds. These vinyl are very effective as well as economical and safe to use.
Food Colours
Food Colours are always beneficial to eat healthily. These Colors are really bright are supplied. Only a few drops are required to achieve the right hue on your baking goods. They help in invoking taste buds and increasing appetite. They are vegan-friendly colors that are simple to apply.
Optical Brightner
Optical Brightner are also employed to detect wastewater leaks, aid in medical diagnostic procedures, and to eliminate agricultural pests. These are typically included to improve the aesthetics and customer appeal. These products are very effective as well as economical and safe to use.
Dyestuffs are synthetic, i.e., man-made from petrochemicals. These products are employed on cellulosic fibres. They are tested under various parameters to ensure their high quality and effectiveness. Our products are safe to use. These stuffs can be easily availed at reasonable prices, by our valued customers, in bulk quantities.

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